Southland Cuisine

Southland has its very own style of cuisine - hearty meals made from fresh, local ingredients and generous portion sizes.

We like plenty of good, fresh food - and the city has numerous restaurants, cafes and bars that offer just that.


Seafood is a speciality of Invercargill and Bluff.  From freshly caught fish, to crayfish and of course the famous Bluff Oyster, this is the best city in New Zealand for a meal of top quality seafood.

Cheese Rolls

Southland's most famous culinary creation is the Cheese Roll - sometimes referred to as "Southland Sushi". Everyone has their own secret cheese roll recipe - so make sure you get along to one of our cafes or bakeries and try out a Southland Cheese Roll.  Even celebrity chef Nigella Lawson asked to try a Southland Cheese Roll during a recent visit to Invercargill.  Put it on your Bucket List for your visit to Invercargill!

Lolly Cake

Another Southland favourite - and a staple at children's birthday parties - is Lolly Cake.  This colourful, fudge-like creation features multicoloured lollies (sweets that are usually a firm marshmallow-like consistency). It can be found at most cafes and bakeries in the city centre - and is definitely worth a try, especially if you have a sweet tooth!